Color Rush is uniquely different from the staple of Boys Love series in the whole region. Color Rush S1 and S2 center on Choi Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun), a young guy suffering from color blindness.



Imagine yourself seeing the world in various shades of gray. As a mono – the term used to describe people with a color vision deficiency – life can be monotonous (ha!) and repetitive. Yet Yeon Woo remains a loner. His circumstances led to that. You see, his Mom has been missing for years and his Aunt (now taking care of him), follows up the lead and investigates.

While I’m late to the party – Season 2 is already finished – I reckon Color Rush has certain qualities worth talking about.

Points to consider

  • It’s supposed to be a ‘fictional world’ therefore some logic may not apply;
  • The mention of Lapiz Lazuli had me guessing. I heard that before – from Anne Rice’s vampire novels and some other fictional books. For me, it’s associated with something mysterious and the past;
  • I’ve been fascinated with colors, and I appreciate the sort of ‘history’ re: Impressionist paintings featured in Season 1;
  • I’ve read some pretty damning reviews. I think some ‘missed’ the point.


Season One

Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun) is a Mono**. He’s aware that other colors do exist but has never experienced them for himself, nor was he interested in doing so. However, Yeon Woo’s life is forever changed when he meets Yoo Han (Hur Hyun Jun), his Probe, and experiences his first ‘Colour Rush’.

Terrified that he would be obsessed with Yoo Han because of Yoo Han’s ability to make him see colors, Yeon Woo tries to avoid Yoo Han but why does Yoo Han insist on drawing close to him?

** Mono – the term used to describe people with a color vision deficiency.

Season Two

Yeon Woo vows to do whatever it takes to track down his “probe” Yoo Han (Hur Hyun Jun) and his mother. These are events from Season 1 and Yoo Han’s disappearance was only mentioned in passing.

A classmate named Se Hyun (Hyuk) learns of Yeon Woo’s quest and resolves to help and protect him – as a close friendship develops between the two students. Yet, Se Hyun’s apparent attraction to Woo runs deeper than it seems.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Both Seasons are stand-alone BL series. While it is connected, you can watch the show at random. I started with Season 2 and went back to Season 1 right after.

Season One came off strong, with its fascination with colors and mystery:

  • Fairly easy to like characters. Yoo Jun who plays Yeon Woo has a charming and sympathetic aura and his interaction with Yoo Han (portrayed by Hur Hyun Jun) is the biggest factor why people are watching;
  • Aside from the visual effects and the music/sound, not much to complain about the technicalities;
  • The big issue is the story and how it was presented. I thought it could have been made clearer.
  • The last half came off quite rushed (pun intended). It became predictable;
  • Yoo Han’s background could have been explored during the first half, but his existence is justified only by hints and mentions in passing;
  • Overall, quite a fascinating introductory season – has enough substance for discussion.
Se Hyun (Hyuk) trying his charms with Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun) in a scene in Color Rush Season 2 | StoryWiz

Season 2 was problematic and a disappointment:

  • While you can start with Season 2 or vice versa, it could have been great if some sort of backgrounder is given to the audience. The probe’s (Yoo Han) disappearance was not properly presented;
  • The scenes featuring Yoo Han’s sister – being bullied and joining the secret Mono society felt rushed (again!). I thought it could have been a major turning point for the series;
  • The action-thriller aspects of Color Rush S2 look amateurish, music could have heightened the suspense, but it turned clumsy and inept;
  • Season 1’s probe, the darkly attractive Hur Hyun Jun is fairly missed. Gone are the stares that project sensuality and desire;
  • Season 2’s other lead (Hyuk) looks fairly attractive enough – armed with some signature Korean-style acting, but his fascination is not sustained. Hur Hyun Jun simply left a good impression and better on-screen dynamics with our hero, Yoo Jun.

Color Rush S1 and S2, could have been close to a BL masterpiece. It’s still recommended for viewing, and just the theme itself – color blindness, mysterious abduction, secret organization, and romance – is still worth a watch.

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