When I came across this new BL series, Choco Milk Shake, I stopped because of the name. I love milkshakes so I was hooked from the beginning. I never would have thought that a BL titled after my favourite guilty pleasure would touch my very soul.


Before we go any further if the title of my review had you momentarily mistaking it for a 1996 movie starring Janeane Garofalo and Uma Thurman, I apologize for the confusion. The only link would be that both are romantic comedies that do involve cats and dogs. Wait! Hang about! Maybe there is more of a connection than I first thought?


With more than 1.1 million views, the trailer of Choco Milk Shake offers a sneak peek into the world of Jungwoo and his pets who turned human | Strongberry


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Both stories diverge sharply from those two factors, this production is about a cat and a dog who are returned from the underworld as a couple of drop-dead gorgeous men. They have come back for a purpose after seeing from heaven, their former master, Jungwoo, in so much darkness and despair. They want to make him happy again, to part the dark clouds that have blocked out his hope.

Ko Ho Jung plays the lead role of Jungwoo in Choco Milk Shake | Strongberry

Jungwoo (Ko Ho Jung) is at first as shocked as we the audience eventually accept these two hotties are his former pets. Now, we are in the world of a BL, so some romantic entanglement is expected, which does make you cringe at first that Jungwoo is going to be dipping into bestiality, but no, everything is kept pure and innocent. So sweet you may end up with tooth decay after watching the series.

Lee Jae Bin and Kim Seong Hyuk who portray Choco the dog and Milk the cat, are so good. Their mannerisms and little nuances have you believing after a few seconds that they are a dog and a cat.

Kim Seong Hyuk is Milk and Lee Jae Bin plays Choco | Strongberry

Kim Seong Hyuk as Milk is agile and easily bored, always in charge and so sassy, believing humans are his butlers. He really does embody the personality of a cat. Though, it does take a little convincing to imagine that Lee Jae Bin, a well-built hottie with impressive chesticles, is a Maltese dog. But those adorable puppy dog eyes just make those inconsistencies so irrelevant. He is playful, devoted and so loveable which are the traits of dogs in general.

To round out the awesome main cast is Jungwoo’s uncle (Park Seung Bin), another delectable delight, who is running a restaurant that at first has not a lot of customers. The establishment looks like it could go out of business at any moment. It is as if Jungwoo’s despair has infiltrated the restaurant that changes for the better when Choco and Milk invade their lives. And uncle gets a tingle in his tummy when he meets a rather surly, Milk. I suspect the only pussy that will attract the uncle’s interest.

Park Seung Bin plays the uncle with Milk (Kim Seong Hyuk) | Strongberry

While you may think this series is light entertainment there are moments of raw emotions that will have you reaching for the Kleenex. Sweet and adorable, Harry Potterish, Jungwoo has been dealing with a lot of darkness that is finally dealt with due to Choco and Milk’s return. This helps him to heal from his sadness.

The show also has this life-affirming quality that makes you reflect on your own life to make it better. To find your own joy and happiness when those dark clouds start to circle.

Overall, this series was stunning from start to finish. I laughed, cried, and was deeply touched. The story was just so adorable. Unique. It does make you think, what would you say if reunited with a lost pet? Would you thank them for their devotion when you didn’t deserve it or their companionship when you would rather be with your friends? I’d settle for a warm hug which is what this show will give you. Well worth the price of admission. Utterly delightful. Love in its purest form.