Formerly called “Love with Kitty and Doggy” it is now Choco Milk Shake and will be a unique Korean Boys Love series. Whether you’re a pet lover (dog or cat), it will not matter since love is universal as they say. Yet, there is something to be said about loving a pet and losing one in a tragic accident. This BL show offers more than just a love story.

Strongberry’s upcoming romantic-comedy-fantasy BL will have 8 Episodes and 80+ minutes of total running time.

Where can I watch Choco Milk Shake?

Strongberry releases 2 episodes per week on their YouTube channel. Below are the links to each episode.

Here’s the Choco Milk Shake playlist (starts with Episode 1).

Teaser | Trailer


Jung Woo (Ko Ho Jung) lives alone after he lost his parents some 20 years ago. He’s a part-time employee in his uncle’s (Park Seung Bin) shop. All of a sudden, two strangers enter his home and claim to be his former pets – Choco and Milk. What follows is both fantastical and romantic as Jung Woo’s world takes a 360-degree turn, with Choco (Lee Jae Bin) and Milk (Kim Seong Hyuk) initiating moves that will affect their lives and love – together, forever. [Synopsis © Psycho-Weird]

Review | Impressions

  • With a catchy title, Choco Milk Shake is a funny, light, and entertaining BL series that is less than 20 minutes per episode;
  • Short, it may appear to be, but it has enough substance to keep the viewers entertained, with hints of past relationships, making it engaging and intriguing to the audience;
  • Character development and the storyline are smooth-flowing, with excellent sound and editing. Not much is required of the actors in terms of performance;
  • Episode 5 departs from the usual fare, with some conflict to add some spice;
  • The final 3 episodes to air before the end of November will either make or break this series. I’m currently under the impression that it’s not an absolutely mediocre show, nor is it an excellent one.

Choco Milk Shake on Social Media

Kpop Map reported that the production team has been casting actors until the 30th of June: “team is casting for 3 male characters in their 20s and one character in his early 30s.” Apparently, from Instagram posts, the cast is finalized.

Choco Milk Shake lead actor Ko Ho Jung | @kkkhj_

My Drama List points out that the lead actor, Ko Ho Jung, used to reside in Thailand and is a member of the boy group Hotshot. He is a vocalist as well as a dancer.

This is a continuous coverage of the Korean BL series Choco Milk Shake. News and updates will be posted as soon as they become available.

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