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Two upcoming BL dramas release fresh images!

Jazz for Two (재즈처럼) is a coming-of-age romantic tale of five high school students focusing on their struggles and the joys of finding love and experiencing romance, affirmation, and belongingness. [ Read more ]

Is love sweeter the second time around? Japanese broadcasting giant MBS continues the tradition of releasing quality, heartfelt BL series with Love is Better the Second Time Around (恋をするなら二度目が上等). Makoto Hasegawa and Ryotoshi Furuya star as the love-crossed lovers who called it quits 10 years ago and reunite for work. The series is slated for a 05 March 2O24 broadcast. [ Read More ]

Strongberry’s Happy Ending is short but sweet and meaty!

Our Skyy 2 Bad Buddy trailer looks awesome!

Despite the continued personal attacks on Thai actor Ohm Pawat (which we are documenting right now), the obvious chemistry between actors Nanon Korapat and Ohm is undeniable. Here’s the trailer released just a few minutes ago!

GMMTV can do a million other BL series but the fact (yes, it’s a fact) remains Pat and Pran, and the awesome performances of Ohm and Nanon will never be duplicated.

Our Skyy2 official trailer looks fantastic!

Following the theme of the first series (Our Skyy), it follows the evolving tales of Tian and Phupha (A Tale of Thousand Stars), Pran and Pat (Bad Buddy), Khabkluen and Daonuea (Star and Sky: Star in My Mind), Nuengdiao and Palm (Never Let me Go), Chay and Gun (A Boss and a Babe), Talay and Puen (Vice Versa), Akk and Ayan (The Eclipse), and Tin and Gun (My School President).

Korean BL series: Top choices for 2023!

Two excellent BL series – A Shoulder to Cry On, and My Dating Sim – finished streaming, and gained numerous fans and accolades online. These two series are definitely some of the best for the year – for the first quarter, anyway.

Cover: Ye Chan and Jae Han in Shoulder to Cry On
OmegaX members Kim JaeHan and Shin YeChan play lead roles in ‘A Shoulder to Cry On’ | Picturesque Co.
Our Dating SIM
Starring Lee Seung Gyu and Lee Jong Hyuk, Our Dating SIM is about two young men who were close friends in school, had a fallout, and years later met at work to create a dating simulation game.

Watch the cuties in this just-released clip!

The Eight Sense feels and looks indie!

This ongoing Korean BL series is giving viewers all the right feels!

The indie vibes of The Eight Sense ring so very true – an engaging storyline that may appear generic, yet there is passion and compassion at every corner. The technical side – from editing to cinematography to sound and music – it feels like there is so much love that’s put into it.

Gallery - The Eight Sense
The Eight Sense is a 2023 South Korean BL web drama about a naive freshman and his senior at a University in Seoul. The cast of The Eighth Sense includes Lim JiSub and Oh JunTaek, with Inu Baek and Werner du Plessis handling the script and direction.

A Shoulder to Cry On Episode 1 is such a blast!

Yup! GagaOOLala finally streamed episode 1 of this exciting Korean BL series starring the OMEGAX duo of JaeHan and YeChan in what appears to be an exciting school romance between a newcomer and his handsome but naughty classmate. This is indeed a new power couple from Korea!

Here’s a video further promoting the series:

Joong Archen – all the right moves!

He has seen what a controversial comment could do to a BL actor and he’s doing just fine now! Enough said.

All the Liquors – the latest Korean BL!

The first 2 Episodes of All The Liquors have been released at GagaOolala and my initial impressions are – first and foremost – they cast the two leads perfectly.

The hate turned-to-love theme may be overused but there is always room for freshness and this series shows you what it takes to turn what could have been a boring storyline into something exciting and engaging.

Jack o’ Frost and Japanese fashion

If you’re watching Jack o’ Frost, you’ll notice the fashionable outfits worn by the cast. In particular, Honda Kyoya who plays Ritsu has an amazing fashion sense and in an interview, he actually approached the director about his fashion sense.

Honda Kyoya photographed by Fumiko Kojima
Kosuke Suzuki photographed by Fumiko Kojima

I think that to a certain extent, people’s appearances give them an image of how they live. For example, are you interested in clothes, or are you the type that cares about how others see you? At first, the image of the character is attached to that kind of impression, so I thought about that part and made the role.

Ritsu is an illustrator, so I thought he had good taste. That’s why I think he has a good sense of fashion, and he probably cares about his hairstyle, so I decided on the hairstyle and costumes after consulting with the director and staff, saying, “I want to create a fashionable atmosphere.”

interview with honda kyoya @medery

Co-lead star Kosuke Suzuki has a more ‘conservative’ fashion style since he’s already a salaryman and he ought to wear less fashionable wear, yet he also stands out in those rather formal wear.

Punk Spy: Any takers?

Tommy Sittichok returns, with co-stars Thomas Teetut, Leo Peerapun, and Tai Thanaphat in this action-packed BL series. I’m pretty sure GagaOOLala will stream this show unless something bad happens like the recent Chains of Heart, where the production company has a ‘change of heart’.

Official Teaser/Trailer of Punk Spy | Very Great Channel, Mandee Works

“How could a relationship that began with deception turned into true love?” This is a story about “a gentleman” called Xin, who decided to move and stay at the resort in Amphawa to get over the fact that his father died in an accident, to learn management, and to avoid bad luck, according to the advice of the savant. This is a story about “a punk man” called Wa, who also decided to move to stay at the same resort to open a cool bar, to comfort himself from his failed job. He also can enjoy the freedom of life to the fullest, the life that nobody told him what to do and to get close to “him” with who he fell in love at first sight.


Japanese BL Jack Frost is to air on 17 February on GagaOOLala!

The promo blitz for the upcoming Japanese BL series Jack Frost – from MBS – is in full swing.

Illustrator Ritsu and salesman Fumiya’s love story begins at a quaint coffee shop. Despite their happy union, a misunderstanding causes a rift between the two. After a heated argument, Ritsu has an accident and loses all memory of Fumiya. To restart their relationship, Fumiya conceals their past and begins anew with Ritsu, who longs to regain his memories. Together, they embark on a journey to revisit their history, revisiting the places that hold bitter and sweet memories. As they retrace their steps, Fumiya grapples with their past while Ritsu begins to rediscover his feelings for Fumiya.

The link to the first episode is here.

Get ready for Chains of Heart!

A new Mafia Crime-themed BL series is getting ready for release. Get to know more about this series and other crime BL dramas on our hitlist!

My Beautiful Man Season 2 Episode 2 is up!

Head on over to GagaOOLala to watch the second episode of My Beautiful Man S2 right now!

And we’re back!

After a short hiatus, we’re back to bring you the latest BL series and news.

Be On Clud official announcement regarding actor Build Jakapan | Instagram

Things are going great in the BL universe, setting aside the usual controversies – Be On Cloud (that tenacious and controversial management agency, which appears to be money hungry and cares little for the actors they managed). The writer of KinnPorsche and a related ‘person of interest’ appear to be obsessed with some of the cast, particularly Build Jakapan – shading and maligning him on the net and accusing the actor of wrongdoings.

Fans are easily swayed by controversy and would rather throw mud than investigate and find the truth. Oh well, BL is about casting boys to do sensual scenes, what do we expect? But such behaviors still cannot be tolerated!

Ohm latest post on Instagram

Ohm Pawat’s controversy about bullying a fellow student way back has been in the limelight for quite some time. I dunno about you, but do we really have to dig deep to get dirt? I mean, he did it and apologized for it. People need to move on.

My Beautiful Man Season 2 screenshot

My Beautiful Man Season 2 starts with rather sweet, obsessive ‘vibes’ that began in Season 1. It’s creepy in the cutest of ways and our lead cast started great too!

My School President brings sweet romance back!

Lovely, intimate, romantic, and what have you! Episode 3 of My School President featuring GeminiFourth deserves kudos to all the cast and production crew. It was romantic and sweet. We get to know the main characters better.

I Will Knock You reveals mystery!

Now on its 5th episode, I Will Knock You has shown plenty of unforgettable scenes, with the actors doing their best for us, viewers!

Synopsis: Ti (Bom Thanawat) is a college student and a part-time tutor. When one of his students got into trouble, he went after the culprit – Noei (Tar Atiwat Saengtien), a gang leader with an attitude. A few weeks later, the same delinquent happens to be his new student. While the boy has a badass attitude, he is also ridiculous in more ways than one.

Things may have started roughly between them, but will their antagonistic stance towards one another change into something soft and romantic?

Best BL series of 2022: Countdown [Part 1]

2022 is about to end, what better time to have a countdown, right? We’ll be featuring our Top 10 BL series, starting with Cherry Magic!

The movie version of Cherry Magic is not just a compilation of the series | Asmik Ace

Also, Triage from BL powerhouse Thailand:

The superb suspense-romantic thriller Triage | AIS Play

New York Times report on Omega X

Korean boyband Omega X has sued Spire Entertainment, their agency, for physical and verbal abuse. The Korean courts will be hearing them soon. Two reporters from the New York Times went to Seoul to gather facts and wrote an article about it:

A South Korean judge will consider the request of the group’s 11 members to be released from their multiyear contracts with the agency, Spire Entertainment. Lawyers for the band have said the executive’s behavior in Los Angeles was the latest episode in a yearlong pattern of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. The executive, Kang Seong-hee, resigned last month but has denied any wrongdoing.


We posted an update on the incident, and have been following one of the projects – A Shoulder to Cry On – featuring two OmegaX members.

Komiya Rio

The Japanese BL series Eternal Yesterday is about to end. What made this series so engaging and special is the cast – in particular, Komiya Rio – who plays Yamada Koichi.

Koichi is a young guy who got into a vehicular accident and the marks on his body reveal that he should have died already. Yet, he’s a living corpse! Morbid, yes, but this is a poignant and dramatic series that tackles so many issues. It’s not overwhelming but enlightening to many. Koichi comes alive because it’s Komiya Rio plays the role.

Rio was part of the cast of Takara Kun to Amagi kun, in a supporting role. His other project is the horror-BL movie Grand Guignol – which international fans want to see.

With 10 drama series and 5 full-length movies to his credit, there is no other way for Rio to go but up!

South Korean BL series for release this December 2022

Per various social media news and on Twitter, there are 3 new BL series from South Korea for release this month of December:

Oh! My Assistant – a web cartoonist and his assistant (or model) take romance to another level. Promises to be a comedic and fun series. Premieres 1 December at Viki and GagaOOLala.

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner – reincarnation, fantasy, and the tale of two young men ‘destined’ to fall in love. Is there really such a thing as finding true love? iQIYI is releasing the series on 15 December 2022.

The New Employee – a supervisor and his nerdy but handsome intern! Viki is streaming the series starting 21 December 2022.

Also for release is Semantic Error (movie) – which consolidates the episodes of the drama series, and added new features to complement the story between a computer nerd and his handsome and popular love interest!

Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat set Manila Fan Meet!

Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat to reunite for a Manila fan meet in January 2023

Good news for OhmNanon fans, and those who love the Bad Buddy Series. Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat will have a fan meet in Manila in January 2023. The poster above says it all!

Never Let Me Go takes in Perth-Chimon!

A few minutes ago, GMMTV launched the official trailer of Never Let Me Go, top-billed by Pond Naravit and Phuwin Tangsakyuen. To the delight of many, there were scenes featuring Perth Tanapon and Chimon Wachirawit. Obviously, they play young lovers and their characters are pivotal to the main character’s storyline.

What’s so good about the dynamics between Perth and Chimon is that it comes as a prelude to their upcoming Dangerous Romance series.

Here’s the Never Let Me Go trailer!

GMMTV’s Star Maker

As GMMTV’s senior director of content production, Aof Noppharnach Chaiwimol has a lot of power and influence among the network’s roster of actors. The good thing about this is that P’Aof always has their best interest. There have been no reports of any scandal whatsoever or even a hint of that. While we have heard of abuses in both the Thai and South Korean entertainment industries, there are certain personalities who are above reproach. So, how is P’Aof doing?

As both screenwriter and Series director

  • Last twilight
  • A Tale of a Thousand Stars
  • Still2Gether
  • Dark Blue Kiss
  • He’s Coming to Me
  • Our Skyy

As Series director

  • Our Skyy 2
  • Moonlight Chicken
  • 2Gether: The Movie
  • Bad Buddy

Here are some photos showing their ‘synergies’.

P’Aof with Bad Buddy stars Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat
Bright Vachirawit, with P’Aof taking over the Still2Gether series, and the movie as well
P’Aof with Earth Pirapat – brainstorming for the upcoming Moonlight Chicken
P’Aof with one of the most promising BL ships – JimmySea for Last Twilight

The End of the World, with You

Nakata Keisuke was quoted as saying:

A fusion of human drama and a little sci-fi. As I was reading, I was so worried about the next development that I finished reading it in no time. There are laughter and tears. Although it was the first genre I read, I was more and more fascinated by the world of Miku. After all, I was honestly worried about whether I could do the scene where the two intertwined with each other, and what would happen. Also, Ritsu is really cool, so I honestly thought I would be okay!

From the producers of the highly acclaimed Pornographer comes a new Apocalyptic romantic BL drama entitled The End of the World, With You. For release in 2023. MORE.

Nakata Keisuke models for Levi’s, and wears Nike shoes and new Era caps, a Majestic blouson | Photo by TOWA for Men’s NON-NO.

Nakata also maintains his personal blog at Men’s NON-NO, since he’s a male fashion model, with plenty of photoshoot projects for top Japanese brands.

Ohm Pawat

Thai actor Ohm Pawat during the GMMTV 2023 show | Ohm’s Instagram

Fans are preparing for Ohm Pawat’s graduation celebration, and the young actor has been active on social media with the promotion of his new shows at GMMTV. He’s having both BL and standard dramas – Double Savage (with Perth Tanapon), Wednesday Club (with fellow GMMTV actors, including Phuwin, Nani, and Joong Archen), Our Skyy 2 (A follow-up of the Bad Buddy Series).

You can read more about Ohm Pawat in our profile.

Cherry Magic TH

The Japanese original live-action adaptation of Cherry Magic is – for lack of a better word – magical. It translates what’s been written in the manga and the characters come alive via our small TV screens or monitors! Or that tiny bit of cellphone screen with such charm! Now that it’s been announced – Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom will reprise the roles made popular by Keita Machida and Eiji Akaso.

BL Newsroom: Cherry Magic TH
GMMTV Giant screen presentation of Cherry Magic featuring TayNew
Cherry Magic series presentation at GMMTV 2023

The Japanese original version is a hard act to follow, but TayNew is already a BL force to reckon with.

Affiliate Link: Cherry Magic! The Movie: Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard ?! Standard Edition (English Subtitles) / Japanese Movie

My Tooth, Your Love

Taiwan’s latest addition to the BL universe – My Tooth, Your Love – is all about a dentist and a bar owner. I find the pacing to be a bit slow for my taste. However, Episodes 6-7 picked up a lot and showcase plenty of absorbing scenes that made me (and other viewers) appreciate what the characters are going through. The production team successfully detailed their stories and why they are acting like they are today.

Bad Buddy Series

Writer, reviewer, and overall awesome person Rich Paschall wrote a 2-part series about Bad Buddy, and one of his recent topics is all about the character development of Pat and Pran. here are the links for you!

Chimon Wachirawit

Ladies and gentlemen on BL NewsroomChimonac! Chimon Wachirawit has a long history of playing Bl roles, and no doubt he’s an amazing actor. He is known for his main roles as Sun in GMMTV’s My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 (2017), Wave in The Gifted (2018), The Gifted: Graduation (2020), and Andrew in Blacklist (2019).

BL Newsroom: Chimonac
Chimon Wachirawit | Instagram

My introduction to Chimon was in the 2016 film Sweet Boy. He’s definitely a veteran among the GMMTV roster of actors playing BL.

Ghost Host, Ghost House

The final episode of Ghost Host Ghost House is up at GagaOOLala.

Because of a past that he can’t let go of, Kevin, a live streamer, is always on the lookout for “ghosts”, and considers experiencing paranormal phenomena as one of his greatest pleasures. By chance, Kevin stays with his aunt and stumbles upon Pluem, a young and lively gardener, whose presence fills Kevin’s sadness and loss, thereby igniting a spark of feelings between the two souls. But behind the seemingly normal scenes, there is an unimaginable truth waiting for them. Can this relationship, which is just beginning to develop, be strong enough to withstand the unexpected realities they must face? MORE

Instagram: Gemini Norawit

Gemini Norawit’s latest IG post tells plenty!

Our Skyy 2

On BL NewsroomThe cast of OurSkyy2 features OhmNanon, EarthMix, FirstKhaotung, PondPhuwin, JoongDunk, JimmySea, GeminiFourth, and BookForce.

Following the theme of the first series (Our Skyy), it follows the evolving tales of Tian and Phupha (A Tale of Thousand Stars), Pran and Pat (Bad Buddy), Khabkluen and Daonuea (Star and Sky: Star in My Mind), Nuengdiao and Palm (Never Let me Go), Chay and Gun (A Boss and a Babe), Talay and Puen (Vice Versa), Akk and Ayan (The Eclipse), and Tin and Gun (My School President).

Choco Milk Shake

We are now at Episode 7, which means there is only one final episode for Choco Milk Shake. See details for more!

Instagram: Jimmy Jitaraphol

Last Twilight appears both intense and nostalgic. And it’s going to be Jimmy’s biggest project to date. Just look at him!

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner

With such strong words like: “We have to date. If we don’t, we die!” Thus, the story behind the unusual relationship between a director and one of his cast. Starring Park YoungWoon and Park JeongWoo, The Director Who Buys Me Dinner will soon be released.

My School President

My School President features a music club student leader Gun (Fourth Nattawat). The music club he heads is up for deletion. He approaches the student council president (Gemini Norawit) to get his support. However, the President demands he becomes his assistant cum secretary/helper. GMMTV considers this BL series as a ‘boy-meets-good-guy story with a marvelous LGBTQIA+ narrative‘. READ MORE

Hottest Young Actors doing BL

On BL Newsroom – Keeping up with all the new actors playing BL is hard. There are weekly and monthly releases. But it’s always good to get feedback from viewers, so we can feature more from this post!