Just when I thought I’m late to the Bad Buddy Series party, then this came along! So, most definitely I’m in! This reviewer will try to blog an attempted fresh analysis of the BL drama.

Bad Buddy Series Ep2: The Rundown

The call from Ohm-Nanon fans is almost deafening. Every Ohm-Nanon fan who knows every other Ohm-Nanon fan is called into action. Such is an indication of how passionate BL fans can be in this current era (post Love of Siam-Love Sick-SOTUSLove by Chance), and into the 2Gether-KinnPorsche-TharnType timeline.

Bad Buddy Series Ep2 has something to do with an avoidance strategy – how to avoid fights between Pran and Pat gangs, who obviously hate each others’ guts! But having to strategize means having to come face to face, so it actually serves a purpose. After Episode 1 where the main focus of the story is set, Episode 2 offers the possibilities of the Pran-Pat dynamics. I’ll be using these tweets to address important episodic scenes.

The ‘Rooftop’ convergence.

It’s pivotal that goes into character discovery!


I find the rooftop as a converging point – where crucial acts are bound to happen. This first rooftop scene appears mundane or a ‘filler scene’ but looking it over, you’ll discover it’s pivotal that goes into character discovery. It sets the stage that puts both boys in pursuit of each other (though they are not yet aware of its full impact!) Pran was warned already – he can get out by telling whoever is on the rooftop that he’s not interested, yet here he is – stalling. This is where I became more excited – the fight scenes did not set the mood for me. It’s the rooftop scene that made me crave more.

A converging point has many meanings in this series. Dir. Aof makes it a point to use the rooftop as the venue for events that pushes the boundaries between the two main characters. This converging point showcases events that elevate Bad Buddy as not just a BL series, but also a platform to blast BL tropes and cliche.

Bad Buddy Series Ep2: Hints as trigger points.

When people are already telling you!

One of Bad Buddy’s trigger points is the offer of hints, courtesy of the guys and the sister. She once said: ‘You are soulmates!’ which Pat denies but without resolve. The clip above has a similar hint: You like him, don’t you?. which is very telling. I appreciate that the production team did not insult my intelligence. I certainly get the hints – and these subtle and obvious hints made the series even more special.

Direct action is obvious.

I care, therefore I say.

When action speaks a thousand words. Pat’s obvious concern for Pran’s feelings is so obvious here. If you care about someone, you’ll hurry and ask the question: Are you fine?

It’s the smell of urine!

I know, right?

Bad Buddy Series Ep2: The Final Word

Pran’s face says it all. While this may be Nanon Korapat’s first BL, his acting experiences show. I don’t think he’ll be managed by GMMTV if he’s not talented. I mean, the best Thai BL actors are represented by that company. Korapat is not an exception but is part of that elusive list.

And that’s Bad Buddy Series Ep2 re-review for you!

Bad Buddy Series Ep2: Nanon Korapat's Pran under Pat's bed.
Pran (Nanon Korapat) hides under Pat’s bed while Pat’s Dad badmouths his family. This is one of Episode 2 acting highlights – Nanon is particularly excellent here! | GMMTV

Nope, the Christmas band play was especially dramatic and poignant. When Pat’s Pa badmouths Pran’s family and himself – that must hurt a lot, and this band play gives perspective to the whole family rivalry saga for Bad Buddy.

You can watch the whole Ep2 episode here. Why fans of the series can’t move on? We explain why.