Bad Buddy Series Ep 4-5: The rooftop kissing scene sizzles!

Bad Buddy Series Ep 4-5 offers Pran and Pat’s perspectives on their ongoing volatile and unpredictable relationship. The 4th episode gives us some background into Pran’s mindset, while Episode 5 is Pat’s turn. The duality of these episodes offers a clear explanation of what’s been going on from both sides.

Bad Buddy Series Ep 4-5: The Rundown

Episode 5 is the culmination of all the emotional rollercoaster rides both have to take. That includes the viewers, of course! And the famous rooftop scene is in front and center. Episode 4 prepares the viewers for what may happen next, while Episode 5 told us what happened.

Getting to know you – Ohm and Nanon perspectives | GMMTV

The video clip above is not exactly about the Episodes, yet it’s pivotal to watch it. How the actors achieve their level of physical intimacy depends on how well they know each other.

The re-watchable quality of Bad Buddy is undeniable. Other BL series are more acclaimed (I Told Sunset About You) or some say better (Theory of Love, Until We Meet Again), but there is something magical about the way Bad Buddy entices viewers to watch it for the nth time. I think no other BL series has that capability.

Bad Buddy Episodes 4-5: The rooftop kissing scene
Years from now, when someone asks me to recommend a BL show, I’ll probably pick this one over any other. | GMMTV


Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • There is always the elephant in the room. Exchanging glances, accidental physical intimacy, teasing each other, and being confrontational. All of these create an intense physical and emotional web that envelops both. It’s the feelings they try to hide, that’s why there is so much anticipation;
  • Episode 4 offers Pran’s perspective. There are select scenes that show he’s in love with Pat – without so much the use of words. That’s why Nanon Korapat excels in these scenes. He’s not only an eye actor who can showcase emotions in a blink of an eye. He’s also a physical actor who possesses the ability to do body language. Episode 4 is one of his major acting highlights and there are many;
  • Episode 5 features Pat’s perspective. The emotional storm that’s hard to control dictates his reactions to many of Pran’s actuations. He is obviously jealous but how to properly express it keeps him volatile. This is Ohm Pawat’s acting highlight in the same vein that Episode 4 is Nanon’s;
  • Series director Aof Noppharnach lives up to the expectation of getting the best from his actors. The trio of scriptwriters must be commended for such a tight script!;
  • While other BL series provide no reasonable explanation about the flow of the story, Bad Buddy has a solid foundation. That’s why viewers appreciate the pacing and the acting. While there is a lot going on, it’s easy to comprehend. It’s never chaotic or confusing;
  • This is a review for the whole of Ep1-5.

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Bad Buddy Series Ep 4-5 offers plenty of variety in terms of scenes. The rooftop kiss is, of course, one of the series’ major highlights. The silent, body language acting in the guitar shop showcases both Ohm and Nanon’s finest hour in the series. This is where you can understand how both actors dive into their characters. Just by ‘eye acting’ alone, there could have been no dialogue and the scene will not be affected at all.

There was talk about that first kiss being the “only determinant for the show to become popular“. Quite the contrary, it offers viewers a wider perspective of what the series can do. It did not pretend to be something else. The kissing scene was an emotional wreck for both since it involves multi layers of emotions and the preparation that goes with it. Competing ships did not bother to discover what happened behind the scenes, because they simply want to talk.

The next kiss should take place in a soccer filed. The rooftop is too tiny!

Twitter from Nanon Korapat’s father via Facebook post

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  1. You are correct. The writers are to be commended for the tight script. The characters are well drawn and the scenes well thought out. Few series have ever paid such attention to the smallest details. He’s Coming To Me comes to mind and it is notable that it had the same director.
    There are many examples of when Ohm and Nanon’s expressions and body language do a lot to drive story. I can not think of another two Thai actors for the job. The rooftop kiss is perfectly placed in the story. The sexual tension has been building at that point and Pat now knows Pran is the right one for him. Pran had a crush on Pat and could not help but return the kiss. However, Pran is afraid to be outed and tries to walk away from Pat and that intimate moment. In the end, he must face that moment and those feelings.

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