Plenty of buzzes as we end August 2022: About Youth, Jaechan + Semantic Error, #OhmNanon, Singto returns! + ‘180 Degree’ dominate BL scene!

  • Taiwanese BL series About Youth dominates the last half of the month;
  • Sizzling scenes from 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us, courtesy of Pond Ponglawit;
  • The first half is all about Semantic Error and Jaechan winning big in South Korea;
  • A slew of upcoming Korean and Thai BL series is slated for September!
  • Singto and Fluke Natouch join forces for a new BL series in 2023;
  • Thai upcoming actor (he’s our cover photo!) Boss Chaikamon sizzles in Love in The Air;
  • Twitter was abuzz with Ohm-Nanon rumors about a Bad Buddy S2, yet it was all about ‘just the two’!

About Youth BL series stars Li Zhen Hao and Jyun Shen relax in the above vids, courtesy of the series’ official Instagram. Plenty to celebrate, with mostly positive reviews of the first 2 episodes.

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Tired of #OhmNanon? Never!

About a week before the end of August, Twitter was abuzz with rumors about a Bad Buddy Season 2. It fizzled out about a few hours into the Holla-Baloo!
#OhmNanon doing their thing!

Singto and Fluke Natouch to star in new BL series exclusive from Viu.

A Viu exclusive: Singto and Fluke join forces in a new Thai BL series with supernatural, psychological, and friendship themes.

Newcomer Dan (Singto) enters a Catholic school. He has sleeping problems and saw Nine (Fluke Natouch) in one of his dreams. Nine is harassed for being gay. Dan, himself, is teased for being a freak. The two boys became close and are the subject of rumors and gossip. You can probably deduce the outcome. This new BL series is slated for 2023.

Jaechan wins another award!
Love in the Air prime mover Boss Chaikamon! [ just browse above! ]

Korean BL series and BL anime are coming to invade your monitors and TV screens! Here are some selected titles: