Ameiro Paradox (a.k.a. Candy Color Paradox) is the 5th BL series from MBS to be shown as part of the network’s drama shower feature. It stars Kimura Keito (from Fantastics of EXILE Tribe), and Jyutaro Yamanaka (a member of the vocal dance unit M!LK).

The book (source material) is being published in up to 6 volumes from Shinshokan. The cumulative circulation of the series has surpassed 1 million copies.

Where to watch Ameiro Paradox?

Ameiro Paradox will start broadcasting on the Japanese MBS network on December 15 as the fifth work in the MBS “Drama Shower” frame. Viki is the go-to streaming site to watch it. GagaOOLala streams it too!

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A beat reporter Kimura) and a photographer (Yamanaka) trying to find the next scoop amidst the scandals in the Japanese showbiz scenes! | Copyright Candy Color Paradox Production Committee


Satoshi Onoe (Keito Kimura) takes pride in the excellent writing and ethical reporting he does in his job at a weekly magazine. But when the stakeout teams are shuffled around, he ends up being paired up with Motoharu Kaburagi (Jyutaro Yamanaka), an ill-mannered photographer who is nothing but trouble. Onoe despises Kaburagi’s haphazard and unethical reporting methods, and the two bicker constantly. But Onoe’s annoyance begins to shift as he spends more time with Kaburagi, and his feelings turn a bit sweeter…

Trailer | Teaser

Author’s Reaction to Ameiro Paradox live-action Series

Comment from Isaku Natsume (original author):

Turning my work into a new form makes me happy and excited. From the script-making, and observing the cast and crew at the set, I can say that they are preparing for their tasks ahead. The creative team and I have done some major and minor revisions to keep the story from not deviating from my original vision. I could tell the cast are doing a lot of research to make sure the characters are on target. I hope those who will watch this live-action adaptation may find the time to discover the manga.

Interview with japanese news portal natalie, with edits.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I have no particular expectations going into this BL series since I’m still recovering from the devastatingly beautiful and tragic Eternal Yesterday, which precedes this MBS series. Initial impressions can be summed up to:

  • The lead actors Jyutaro Yamanaka and Keito Kimura are, understandably, not good actors to begin with. The acting is tentative and conscious as if the director is just nearby and both are aware of it, which affects their performance to a certain degree;
  • The premise of a ragtag team – a beat reporter and his companion, a photographer click for me. It serves as a logical explanation for their interaction, and while the acting is not good, there is some semblance of on-screen chemistry, especially with Jyutaro looking intense, sexy, and handsome it’s hard not to melt with those eyes staring at the screen!
  • The Japanese celebrity scene is similar to many showbiz industries in that there are scandals and controversies, and Ameiro Paradox capitalized on this very nature with credibility and honesty – well done;
  • While there are some amazing moments, it is – by far – the most unimpressive about the MBS lineup for 2023.

Here are the latest shots from Episodes 6-8 of Ameiro Paradox, featuring our leads!

Cast of Characters

Here are the two main protagonists of Candy Color Paradox, who came from ‘competing’ boy groups in Japan.

I feel lucky for being offered the role and I answered immediately that I will want to tackle the part. I’m under pressure to make a good impression since I’m in the lead role. I’m determined to seize this opportunity and act in the character of Satoshi Onoe with integrity. I’ve read the manga (original work) of Ameiro Paradox and also studied my script and all I can say is that I like my character a lot.

Looking good! Keito as a male model looks the part!

Keito Kimura is a Japanese performer and actor. He is a member of the group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE. Prior to joining the group, he was part of the EXPG trainee team EXILE GENERATIONS.

I almost shouted when I learned about the casting news for Ameiro Paradox. To play Genji Kaburagi makes me excited. I want to deliver wonderful work. I’m sincerely glad that Keto-kun is my screen partner. We both look forward to working together and providing entertainment for everyone. I hope that everyone will enjoy the special atmosphere we created being the candy-colored couple.

So, this is our ill-manner photographer!

Jyutaro Yamanaka is a former member of BATTLE BOYS and now is a member of the vocal dance unit M!LK under Stardust Promotion as a part of their EBiDAN branch. He joined the group on August 28, 2018.

Director’s Statement

Comment from Tomoyuki Furumaya (Director) regarding the Ameiro Paradox leads:

Kimura-kun and Yamanaka-kun were hardworking guys who were honest and straightforward, so I fell in love with them from the bottom of my heart. Then it’s fun to shoot. It’s not easy to do a love-hate relationship especially since it involves relatable and genuine interaction between the lead actors, and think both Keito and Jutaro did something great for this live-action adaptation.

Interview with japanese news portal natalie, with edits.


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