Everybody knows there is a drought in #PinoyBL because it appears that some producers are corrupt and failed their investors. But About Us But Not About Us, the new film from Jun Robles Lana is a shining star in the whole BL/gay universe.

The Raves!

Matthew Joseph Jenner, writing for the International Cinephile Society, has this to say about Jun Robles Lana’s new film About Us But Not About Us:

About Us But Not About Us, is unimpeachable proof of his ability to weave together a compelling story from sparse resources, which seems to be an aesthetic and creative choice, rather than a limitation. There is always virtue in simplicity, and in a film that takes place entirely in a single location, where the set is a table and two chairs, and that is performed almost entirely by two actors who appear from the first scene to the last, it is difficult not to be impressed by the extent to which he explores certain themes with elegance and wit.

Tallinn 2022 review: About Us But Not About Us (Jun Robles Lana) by Matthew Joseph Jenner.

You can understand what he’s saying if you watch the trailer below:

Pelikula Mania has this to say about this new film:

The film tells the story of Eric (Sarmenta), a literature professor at the English Department of the University of the Philippines, who meets up with his student, and rumored lover, Lancelot (Canlas), months after the suicide of Marcus, a celebrated Filipino writer best known for his novels in English, and Eric’s longtime partner. As their conversation becomes more detailed and complicated, secrets and lies will be unearthed and the sinister nature of their identities will be revealed while they all wrestle with the truth.

Pelikula Mania report on About Us but not about us

So this film is going to be shown in the Philippines during the MMFF on April 8. That’s the thing, the best Filipino films (all genre) has to be shown on the international film festival circuit before pinoys would be enticed to watch it, if at all.

If I remember correctly, Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag, and Insiang, both films by the late Lino Brocka, enjoyed international fame before it gets attention in Manila.

The Main Cast

Romnick Sarmenta started as a child actor in an iconic drama series. He became an idol in the Philippines during his teenage years and eventually transitioned into a dramatic actor as he matures. He used to be one of the few stars who can act with such intensity and purpose, you know he’s different and is a unique talent.

At 50, he has established himself as a formidable actor capable of portraying any role. His latest as the gay professor in About Us But Not About Us is something new but not totally surprising casting news.

One of the Philippines’ most celebrated dramatic actors, Romnick Sarmenta plays a gay professor in About Us But Not About Us | The Idea First Company
Screencap from the press conference of the movie About Us But Not About Us, from ABS-CBN news

His complex role as the gay professor Eric in the LGBTQ+ drama was not extensively discussed with Sarmenta. Yet, he didn’t have second thoughts about playing the character.

“They told me they wanted to do a project with two actors in a single location,” Sarmenta told ABS-CBN News. “Then I was advised, ‘Read the script.’ So I started reading.

“I finished the first read-through. I wanted to read it in a way that everything was fresh for me. I don’t preempt what the character would say. So I was going along for the ride while we were doing the first read.

Why Romnick Sarmenta accepted gay role in ‘About Us But Not About Us’ by lea c salterio for ABS-CBN NEWS
Elijah Canlas who many remember as an e-gamer in Gameboys plays Lancelot in About Us But Not About Us | The Idea First Company

Elijah Canlas, on the other hand, may be used to playing gay or gender-fluid characters by now. I’m currently savoring the beauty and intensity of his previous film, Kalel, 15 with the late great Eddie Garcia and award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose. So I’m pretty much into the Elijah Canlas vibes right now.

Canlas was phenomenal in Gameboys, Kalel 15, and He Who is Without Sen (with Enzo Pineda). I’m sure we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his acting.

This is a continuous coverage of About Us But Not About Us. We’ll add more details, casting news, and reviews as they become available.